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true love
old entrance
orient house

True Love

11"x15" acrylic

The Orient Gate


The Damas House

Sold - Washington

old mosque


the moque

The old Mosque

Sold - UK

Lunenburg Nova-Scotia

12" x 16" oil color

The Mosque

Sold - UK

city vase

R flowers

damas vase

City Vase


Fruit & Roses

Sold - Canada

Damas Vase


Lily vase

the vase

Lilies Vase

11"x14" oil color

From childhood

water color

The Vase

11"x14" oil color


The Entrance

Sold - USA

My first

oil color painting

The old School

Sold - Australia


















in which the subject of the painting looks much like the real thing rather than being stylized or abstracted,

is the style many people think of as "true art." Only when examined close up

do what appear to be solid colors reveal themselves as a series of brushstrokes of many colors and values.

Realism has been the dominant style of painting since the Renaissance.

The artist uses perspective to create an illusion of space and depth,


The four Islamic historical sites around the dome were built under the Umayyad dynasty as

Damascus was the capital city of the whole Islamic world. From each city (Damascus, Aleppo, Cordoba and Granada)

I have chosen the most beautiful historical building and made a surrounding environment that match it story.

The four stories together with the dome and the four columns complete the whole painting idea.

The glaring light in the middle of the Dome present the rise of Islam while the dome itself symbolizes the time.