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thausand nights
night walk

Thousand & One Nights

28"x22" oil color

Night Walk

28"x22" oil color

Joyful Journey

28"x22" oil color

Castle Combe
Tuscany Village


Sold - California US

Castle Combe

24"x18" oil color

Tuscany Village

18"x14" oil color

escape the reality
peaceful night
european village

Escape the reality

Sold - California US

Peaceful Night

Sold - California US

European Village

Sold - Ohio US

paradise on earth
canada through my eyes

Paradise on Earth

Sold - California US

Ray of hope

24" x 18" oil color

Canada Through My Eyes

Sold - Canada

my damascus
Canadian night


Sold - Wien, Austria

Canadian Night

Sold - Canada


Sold - London, UK

locked city

The Locked City

Sold - Qatar

Sharjah - UAE

Sold - Germany

Dubai - UAE

Sold - Germany

bur Dubai

Jumaira - Dubai

Sold - Toronto, Canada

Bur Dubai

Sold - Switzerland

The eclipse

Sold - Toronto, Canada







Jlilati style is a blend of moderen fantasy and the old architectural art.

is a form of  genre painting where the predominant focus lies on architecture,

including both outdoor and interior views.

While architecture was present in many of the earliest paintings and illuminations,

it was mainly used as background or to provide rhythm to a painting. In the Renaissance,

architecture was used to emphasize the perspective and create a sense of depth


Toronto, Algonquin Park, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Saint Lawrence River,

Lunenburg, Ice berg, Newfoundland, Yoho National Park British Columbia. Architecture painting


Here you will read what was written in emptyeasel.com about those paintings

Do you ever just want to take a break from the real world? This painting allows you to do just that.

Waves rhythmically lap against the darkened brick wall of an magical waterway taking us into the heart of this fair city.

Bowing windows, sloping two-story houses and winding pathways provide interesting views into nearby homes.

Esam's vibrant use of color and wacky, undulating lines remind me of graphics in a Dr. Seuss novel—creating a heartwarming and welcoming painting.

Under the light of the moon, people sleep contentedly, knowing a peace and comfort that so often eludes us in the real world.

Finally,   Peaceful Night is yet another brilliant example of Esam's expressionistic style,

lending a completely fresh and modern take to this established neighborhood.

The colors are uplifting and bright, even at night, as if the jovialness of the street and its inhabitants cannot be contained.

Restaurants and stores are completely open to the public,

outwardly welcoming them with bright mats that beckon passerby in for a late night coffee or impromptu shopping trip.