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Esam Jlilati



Atist's Style

Esam Jlilati  paints remarkably detailed pieces that smoothly transition from ancient architecture to fantastic surrealism and modern cityscapes. His seamless way of mixing these three subjects has resulted in a colorful style that's uniquely his own.

Esam's vibrant use of color and wacky, undulating lines remind me of graphics in a Dr. Seuss novel—creating a heartwarming and welcoming painting. Under the light of the moon, people sleep contentedly, knowing a peace and comfort that so often eludes us in the real world.

By Cassie Rief


Artist's Statement

My love for art and history, in addition to the world events, inspire me to start a new painting that reflects my emotions and philosophy.

Through my Brush and Imagination, I am able to dwell in a world of serenity and peace as the strokes and colours give life to my story.

I see art as a magical realm which I can escape to when facing challenges in life and I will continue to present tales of time as paintings of today



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Artist's Biography

Esam Jlilati was passionate about visual arts and architecture since his childhood and had always aimed for a career as a painter. However, his father believed that art was reserved only for the rich, but not for those who needed to make their own living. Therefore, he chose engineering as the focus of his formal education and architectural design as career.  When he began studying in Darmstadt Germany, he managed to continue painting parallel to his other career. After his immigration to Canada in 2004, Esam decided to bring art to the professional level and make it his primarily career.   

He has delivered lectures and wrote articles about artistic techniques and architectural history, which makes him renowned through local and international journals and magazines

Upon viewing his works, it becomes quite obvious that this artist spends an inordinate amount of time laboring over them so as to make them unique and thought provoking, and some of his paintings are detailed to the point of being almost microscopic. 

His works has been exhibited and sold in Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

Jlilati's paintings present the mixture of fantasy modern art with the ancient architectural art, best described as a blend of Expressionism, realism and sometime surrealism.

His subjects are his interpretation of objects in the real world modified by his emotions and ideals, this, in turn, sometimes lends a mystical, other worldliness to his work. 

His artworks are achieved using oil and water-based paint


Esam Jlilati era appassionato di arti visive e architettura fin dalla sua infanzia e aveva sempre puntato per una carriera come pittore. Tuttavia, suo padre credeva che l'arte fosse riservata solo ai ricchi, ma non a coloro che avevano bisogno di guadagnarsi da vivere. Pertanto, ha scelto l'ingegneria come fulcro della sua educazione formale e progettazione architettonica come carriera. Quando ha iniziato a studiare a Darmstadt in Germania, è riuscito a continuare a dipingere parallelamente alla sua altra carriera. Dopo la sua immigrazione in Canada nel 2004, Esam ha deciso di portare l'arte a livello professionale e farne la sua carriera principale. I dipinti di Jlilati presentano la miscela di arte moderna fantasy con l'antica arte architettonica, meglio descritta come una miscela di espressionismo, realismo e talvolta surrealismo. Le sue opere sono realizzate con pittura ad olio e a base d'acqua e sono state esposte e vendute in Europa, Nord America, Australia e Medio Oriente.



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