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life on earth
Glory of the past
living in dream

Life on Earth

24" x 18" oil color

Glory of the Past

28" x 22 " oil color

Living in Dream

24" x 18" oil color

damas to granada

Radiance port

center of civilization

Damas to Granada

Sold -Texas, US

Radiance Port

Sold - Scotland UK

Center of civilization

Sold - United Kingdom

new world

True love


The New World

Sold - Califorina, USA

True Love

15" x 11" acrylic

Living in iceberg

Sold - Kansas, USA


the Vision

Beauty has thorns


Sold - New York

The Vision

Sold - New York

Beauty has Thorns

10" x 8" oil color





18" x 14" oil color


18"x14" oil color


20" x 16" Acrylic

golden era


Golden Era

Sold - Philadelphia, US

The light

Sold - Canada



As an artistic movement, Surrealism began flourishing in Europe in the aftermath of World War I.

Founded in 1924 by the Parisian poet André Breton,

it was highly influenced by Dadaism. It aimed to liberate thought, language,

and human experience beyond boundaries of reality and rationalism.

Surrealist artists painted illogical juxtapositions of images in daunting scenes,

creating bizarre and perplexing creatures from everyday objects.

The unconscious minds and dreams are greatly valued and favoured in Surrealism.


Living in dream

Many ideas, places I have recalled in my mind and wanted though my imagination to translate into a painting.

I wanted to put all that on one canvas in a harmonic subject,

It is my roots, maybe my heritage or maybe my dream. It might be even your dream or the colorful you.,

I believe that we all are a mixture of different color come together in one beautiful creation.


The Glory of the Past

This artwork idea was in my mind since long time and I wanted to put on canvas.

A peaceful heaven on earth, separated from the rest of the stressful world,

using my favorite style (blend of realism and surrealism) to reflect my fantasy.

A peaceful island with people enjoying living with animals with huge beautiful gate into the enchanted palace,

inspired by the Middle Eastern and Renaissance Art & Architecture.


Life on earth

We see the world and life in different ways and views. Some people are optimistic while others are pessimistic.

“different people sees different colors in the window and in the inside painting“

Our view to life will not change the reality, but it changes our response to the events in our life.

We have to realize that the world is too beautiful to waste our life being sad when we could be enjoying what life has to offer us.

We can't understand everything happening in the world,

but we know that the world is mosaic and it is beautiful only if you see it in all colors and not only in one gray color

Each one of us visit the earth only one time, so let's make it colorful and live together in peace and harmony.

This is my massage in this artwork, that I will call (life on earth)