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Centre of Civilizations

Joyful Journey

Life on Earth

Night walk
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Night Walk

Damas To Granada

Thousand & One Nights

Escape the reality
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Escape The reality

The New World

paradise on earth
Peaceful night
Padiance port
Paradise on earth
Peaceful Market
Radiance Port
Fine Art by Jlilati, Jlilati own style, Mixture of Fantasy Surrealism and Architecture

Beaux-arts du Jlilati, Jlilati a son propre style,

Mélange de surréalisme et de l'architecture fantastique
Kunst von Jlilati, hat sein eigenes stil, Mischung von Surrealismus Fantasie und Architektur arte fino por Jlilati, su propio estilo, Mezcla de Fantasía y Surrealismo y Arquitectura, belle Arti di Jlilati , Miscela di Fantasía e Surrealismo eArchitettura

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Esam Jlilati Fine Art Gallery

Jlilati paintings present the mix of fantasy modern art with the old architectural art.


Selling original painting and artworks Islamic Art, North American Expressionism and Modern art, Canadian Cityscape and landscape paintings, teaching how to paint using oil color or water color

Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali successor , Best Surrealism artist, René Magritte , Max Ernst , Giorgio de Chirico `, Francis Bacon , Frida, Kahlo , Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró , Paul Klee , Man Ray , Roberto Matta , Lucian Freud , Andre Breton, Marc Chagall , Francis Picabia , Hans Arp , Peter Blume , Max Ernst

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Islamic art, Islamische Kunst,  Islamique  peinture