This artwork presents the early flourishing Islamic art and architecture.

I was inspired by the architecture and the decoration of (Damascus, Granada, Alhambra, Aleppo and Cairo) and I have spent an inordinate amount of time laboring over this painting to make it unique and to cover as much as I could from all kind of the Islamic art elements,

My architectural elements are taken from Spain (Granada & Alhambra) and from the whole Middle East (Damascus, Aleppo and Cairo) and put all together with my own imagination and decoration in one big subject

I have modified the elements and the dimensions to accommodate my ideas and to complete my subject.

The painting style is mainly realism with little of surrealism which is my typical style that I would like to call “Fantasy realism”

I wanted through this painting the viewer to have the feeling in being in the center of the artwork looking around with 180 degree, like in 3D view.

I used the water and the plants (the two main sources of life) in addition to what I consider the most beautiful human made architecture to complete my subject.

The 4 gates are the main subjects that present our heritage and civilizations

The galaxies in the ceiling symbolize our existence in the universe, while the day light and the night in the ceiling symbolize the time.

The ship symbolizes the journey through Europe, which results in creating the wonderful architecture in Spain.

The mosaics in the upper level are typical for the Islamic art in the 7 th and 8 th century, while the mosaic and decoration in the lower level are typical for the period from 9 th to 12 th century

And there are in each inch a lot of elements and details that should complete the story that I have in my imagination.

From Damascus to Granda, This painting presenttury as Damascd in the Islamic ar

itectural history., The four elements are originally build in the Umayyad time, some of them are completely demolished and rebuild like Aleppo minaret and some are just restored and still in the same condition like in the 7 th , country, The grand mosque in Damascus, The grand mosque in Aleppo, The Grand mosque in Cordoba, Alhambra palace in Granada, The Dome in the middle with, the four seasons present the time and the history.