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The migrant


16" x 12" oil color

The Migrant

15" x 11" acrylic


16" x 12" oil color

mother love


Woman in my life

18" x 14" oil color

Mother Love

14" x 11" oil color

The Refugee

Sold - Toronto

lost childhood

My queen

stollen freedom

Lost Childhood

18" x 14" oil color


My Queen

16" x 12" oil color

Stolen Freedom

24" x 18" oil color


Tear of war

self portrait


18" x 14" oil color

Tears of War

14" x 11" oil color

Self Portrait

10" x 8" oil color




An art painting style meant to express emotions,

Expressionism and Fauvism are somewhat similar. But unlike Fauvism,

Expressionism didn't focus on colours, which Fauvism is known to emphasise on the unrealistic use of.

The hyperbolical flow of human emotions, distortion and pleonastic portrayal of places,

people and objects, vague forms and shapes; these are the distinguishing characteristics of Expressionism.



Some time we have to scarify our happiness and freedom because of our love to others or

because it is our duty to take care of others. Those others could be wife, kids, parents or friends,

many other meaning are to see in this artwork that I prefer to leave it to you to translate the way you see.


Woman in my life

A woman in your life could be the light of your day or could be the nightmare of your dream,

A woman in your life could be soft, delicate and care for you and could be tough and sometime even demagogues, it is all depending on the way you treat her,

Treating a woman with love and respect is the best way to live with her in peace and harmony.

This is the main idea of this painting but it has a more to say, that I will leave it to you to discover


The migrant

Many people are run away from civil wars, looking for peaceful new home and new life,

they left their home without knowing if they would arrive safe to the new home or if they

would never reach and sink in the ocean while they are trying to find the new hope.

A lot of beautiful and bitter memories they left behind and hope of better future.

I have put a lot of meaning in this painting that I will leave to your imagination


Mother's love

This artwork will be shipped in hard roll with insurance and express shipping

The purest love on earth is the mothers love. The best memories in my life were from my childhood. 

My mother made all my memories colorful and peaceful. 

We only know how valuable the time we spent with our parents was, when our parents leave.