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Damascus To Granada

20"x16" watercolor

Center of Civilization

Sold - UK-Scotland

The Damas House

Sold - US-Washington

The Orient Gate


Mosque Entrance - 2017

20"x16" oil color

The old Mosque

Sold - Australia

The old Entrance

Sold - UK-London

Mosque Entrance - 2007

Sold - Canada

The Entrance

Sold - Canada



The Minarets

Sold - Germany


Architecture gallery

interior Islamic decoration


Islamic art gallery

Islamic Architecture

Islamische Kunst Architektur,

Architecture art Islamique peinture

Some of my artworks are influenced by the Umayyad dynasty Architecture

Damascus and Spain, Andalusia Granada Alhambra Cordoba,

and little influenced from the Abbasid and Egyptian Fatimid dynasties architectures