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Multifaith Calinder 2018


Multifaith Calinder 2018

With Jlilati's painting - the Refugee for February

Multifaith Calendar website



Latest Article about Jlilati

emptyeasel website - An article about Jlilati's artworks and his painting's style

by Cassie Rief


Unnecessary Poeple

Unnecessary Poeple

The story (Unnecessary people) from Sarolta Maria with one of Jlilati’s artworks (Tears of the war) on the cover page, The book will be published in Hungarian, English & French Language

Big Art Book


The Big Art Book 2017

Wiith 3 of Esam Jlilati's Artworks

The Big Art Book has been issued & presented by Scarborough Art under the support of City of Toronto and Ontario artist council


United Arab Emirates Challenging Coin


The first United Arab Emirates Challenging Coin

issued from US embassy in Abu Dhabi using one of Jlilati's artworks

United State Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Letter from United State Embassy in Abu Dhabi


Fall show

Fall Art Show at Hittite Gallery

Yorkville Toronto

Sep 27 to Oct 11 2017



Azmenah Magazine



Azmenah Magazine

An Interview with Jlilati



Juried Art show



Impact Annual 2016

Juried Art show



Arab Star , Toronto

Arab Star , Toronto

An Interview with Jlilati





The Art history

Arab Star, Toronto

The Art history by Esam Jlilati






First Chalanging coin United Arab Emirates



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